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Why Are More Millennials Getting Botox?

botox millennials

Botox has been around now for well over 30 years. What once was a social taboo, is now one of the most popular non-invasive plastic surgery enhancements out there.

Traditionally, people over the age of 35 (think GenX and Baby Boomers) would get the procedure to remove facial wrinkles and tighten up their skin. Recent research and several news articles state that the newest Botox clients are Millennials.

Why would someone in the prime of their youth get Botox?

We’re going to look at the recent phenomenon of Millennials and Botox and discover why it’s become so prevalent with this younger generation.

Access to Technology

Unlike the Baby Boomer and GenX generations, Millennials grew up using computers and the internet. This means that throughout their life they have had access to information that the other two generations haven’t.

For example, someone from the Baby Boomer generation would understand that using sunscreen helps prevent sunburns. What they might not have realized in the pre-internet years of the 1980s is how damaging sun can be to human skin. Only dermatologists, researchers, and doctors knew that too much sun exposure could cause aging issues when someone hits their 40’s.

With access to computers and the internet, Millennials can instantly see pictures of people in their 40’s and 50’s who got way too much sun exposure in their youth. They also have access to on-demand medical information sites which will tell them that overexposure to the sun can have damaging long-term effects upon the skin.

Being on Top of the News

When GenX and Baby Boomers wanted to read the news in the 1980s and early 1990s, they had to run out and buy a newspaper. The news cycle moved a lot slower in those days because the Internet didn’t exist yet. The only beauty advice people would get came from magazines in the checkout aisle of a supermarket or from their doctor.

With the advent of the internet and 1-hour news cycle, Millennials have quick and easy access to the latest news stories about how well Botox works. They can see just how good various social media celebrities look after a round of injections and naturally want to emulate their heroes.

Online Research

The ability to perform instant, on-demand online research is another factor responsible for the increasing number of Millennials looking to get Botox injections. They can look up various plastic surgery clinics, read their reviews, and research the overall patient satisfaction. This, in turn, gives them a greater sense of confidence that they will be happy with the results.

The internet also gives them access to a wealth of information such as new procedures that combine Botox and injectables to perform a non-surgical facelift. Access to all of this information helps them make more informed decisions when it comes to beauty and wanting to look your best.

Social Media

Millennials are the most clued in when it comes to social media. Unlike Grandma who logs into Facebook once a week to upload pictures of her kittens or grandkids, Millennials use social media on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis.

They also follow various social media celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and other online models. These e-celebs go to great lengths to look their best and Millennials can see just how well a few injections of Botox work.

Social media encourages people to post pictures and videos of themselves. Before they post their photos, they can use various filters to edit their skin tone, color, and soften up perceived self-defects in their images. As times goes by, they feel like they have to look as good as they do in their heavily-edited social media photos.

When it comes to social media, it’s very easy for Millennials to get caught up in an obsession with their physical appearance as they want to look their best all the time.

Physical Appearance Obsession 

Social media and the obsession with physical appearance have driven more and more Millennials into the plastic surgery office.

While they may not have as many wrinkles as someone in their 40’s, some doctors have reported that Millennials getting lip and other facial enhancements have gone through the roof.

Many of them also feel a lot of peer pressure to look their best as social media and competition amongst their friends makes them feel like getting Botox is a necessity, not a luxury.

Payment Plans

Some plastic surgery offices have been experimenting with a subscription-based model wherein Millennials would pay a low monthly recurring fee.

This would enable them to spread out the costs of Botox and dermal fillers over the course of a year and allow them to come back into the plastic surgeon’s office for routine maintenance.

Millennials have responded very well to the subscription-based model as it’s much easier on the wallet than shelling out $500 or more for a single session.

Millennials and Botox

As the stigma of Botox and plastic surgery starts to wear off, and more and more Millennials look to retain their youthful good looks, it stands to reason that this trend will only increase as the years go by.  We live in an era where many people feel that they have to look their best 24/7 and injectables and Botox are an easy way to accomplish that goal.


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