About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Adams is a board certified plastic surgeon located in Dallas, Texas and he specializes in breast augmentation and other body contouring procedures. Our office offers all types of  implants including cohesive breast implants, saline and silicone breast implants, 3D imaging and the 24 hour fast track recovery. Dr. Adams has implemented several specific techniques (originally published by Dr. Adams’ mentor- Dr. Tebbetts) that minimizes tissue trauma that will minimize post operative pain.  Over 95% of Dr. Adams’ patients return to normal activities of daily living within 24 hours after surgery. Who has time for down time?

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24 Hour Recovery Video

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Every woman who considers breast augmentation in Dallas has her own personal reasons. Some include the following:

  • Enlarging the breasts to make the body more proportional.
  • Reshaping and enlarging breasts that have lost their shape due to breast feeding or age.
  • Balancing the appearance of breasts that differ in size or shape.

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An outpatient operation that improves and increases the size and shape of your breast by inserting a properly sized breast implant.


It enhances the breast size and contour, and may give your body a more harmonious balance. It can also correct and dramatically improve breast/body proportion and balance after pregnancy.

About breast anatomy

The breast is composed of fatty, glandular and fibrous tissues. Within the breasts are blood vessels, milk ducts, fat glands and sensory nerves, and beneath it is a large muscle called the pectoralis major. The size and shape of women’s breasts vary greatly and may be affected by factors such as age, past pregnancies, genetics and skin elasticity. Some women have a variation in size or shape from right to left which is called asymmetry. Most breast implants are placed below the pectoralis major muscle.

Breast implant selection

During the consultation, Dr. Adams will take several measurements to determine what size and type of breast implant that will fit your breast the best. The measurements are very accurate and predictable which allows the exact size to be selected with you during consultation.

Facts about breast enlargement

Thinking About Having Breast Enlargement?

Things You Should Know…

1. Reoperation Rate- The NATIONAL Reoperation Rate in just  3 years after undergoing breast augmentation is a startling 15-23%. That’s nearly 1 in 4 having a second surgical procedure with additional expense, downtime, etc. Dr. Adams’ published reoperation rate  is 3%

Breast Augmentation with Silicone Gel Implants - Before and After2. Recovery after Breast Enlargement- Typically recovery after this surgery involves several days of downtime. This includes time off work with lost income, inability to drive for 7-14 days, days of taking prescription narcotics, inability to care for children, etc. Dr.Adams’ patients undergo a Rapid Recovery after breast enlargement, going shopping and out to eat the day of surgery, take only Motrin, and back to normal activities and work IMMEDIATELY.  

3. Experience- Not all Plastic Surgeons have the same expertise with Breast Enlargement. Dr. Adams has over 15 YEARS experience and is a recognized National Expert in Breast Augmentation. He has published and presented more on this surgery in the past 5 years than arguably anyone else in the world.  He has  develop educational curriculum for surgeons across the world to  learn how to do better breast enlargement surgery.  

4. Results- As with most things in life, in the case of Breast Enlargement Surgery, you typically get what you pay for. Be wary of special deals and discounts – the MOST QUALIFIED SURGEONS don’t need to lure patients in with low cost offers. Breast enlargement surgery isn’t cheap, BUT you are changing your breasts, your body for the rest of your life. Every week Dr. Adams sees unfortunate patients who had discounted or low cost Breast Enlargement – only to have problems requiring additional surgery or sometimes multiple surgeries with significant added expense. What seemed like a “Good Deal” has become an expensive nightmare. Don’t trust your results in Breast Augmentation with just anyone.

Still have questions about Breast Augmentations? Check out our Breast Augmentation F.A.Q. for more information, or feel free to contact us with any questions.


Adams Philosophy

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3D Breast Imaging

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Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Adams and his staff are absolutely amazing. I drove from out of state to see Dr. Adams.”
“Overall, best experience from any other surgeon I visited!.”