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Study Proves 3D Imaging is a Major Advancement for Breast Augmentation Patients and Plastic Surgery.3d Imaging for Breast Augmentation Publication

Women considering breast augmentation always want to know: “what will I look like after surgery?”

…That is the number one question we hear from inquiries regarding breast implants. Over ten years ago, patients would place sample implants into their bra as a visual aid for surgical planning. This method is misleading and inaccurate, as any given size implant in a bra never equates well with the actual result. Surprisingly, most surgeons are still utilizing this visual aid today during the consultation process.

What sets Dr. Adams office apart from others is the VECTRA 3D Imaging technology used in the consultations. With VECTRA, we are able to provide our patients with a strikingly accurate, 3-Dimensional image of what they will look like after breast augmentation. This has become an outstanding educational tool and visual reference for patients, which has enabled them to make a more informed decision. Using 3D Imaging, we have the ability to show you the range of minimum and maximum implant sizes and the profile designs of implant types that will fit you best. This gives our patients an interactive opportunity to display their preferences and effectively communicate their surgery plan to match Dr. Adams’ expert recommendations. The accuracy of the imaging, prepares patients for their outcome and establishes an early trust and confidence in their final decision. This advanced take-home technology has made a huge impact on the total patient experience. 

Another important aspect of 3D Imaging, is that it is more enhanced when used in conjunction with proper breast measuring and what we call ’tissue-based planning’ (picking implants that appropriately fit the breast). In our landmark 3D Imaging study, published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, August 2014, we found that this 3D Imaging technology (Canfield Vectra) is 98.5% accurate, when used with elite tissue-based planning.


3D Imaging and the Consultation

During your consultation, you will begin with a quick & easy 3D scan that is used to generate a model of your body. Dr. Adams will take further precise, specialized measurements of your breasts. Then, using software simulation tools, Dr. Adams can create a 3D digital visual of your expected surgery results with implants. 
Upon leaving your consultation, we will provide you with a login so you can access your set imaging plan at home. 


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3D Breast Imaging

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