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What is a Snatched Jawline and Why Was it Popular in 2021?

snatched jawline

Have you ever heard the term snatched jawline? While you may not have heard that exact term used, it’s become very popular in the world of cosmetic surgery over the last couple years.

A snatched jawline basically means a very defined jawline. Being able to see the back of the jaw against your neck, having tighter skin along those areas, and presenting a bolder look of their lower face.

In the past the only way to obtain noticeable results when it comes to the jawline was to undergo a face lift or a neck lift to help pull and tighten the skin in those areas. Thankfully, due to the advances in technology over the years, we now have a variety of different non-surgical, or less invasive, methods that we can use in order to help give you the snatched, or chiseled jawline that you desire.

Snatched Jawline – Non-Surgical Methods

As cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery methods advance as the technology advances, we have a lot more tools in our case to help improve appearances without having to go under the knife.

When it comes to trying to create a more pronounced jawline on our patients, we have a number of methods we can use before we would have to resort to a surgical procedure.

In some cases surgical procedures may be the only way to safely achieve the goals of the patient.

Non-surgical or minimally invasive procedures can be a great way to help get the jawline you desire. We can use a variety of different methods to help build upon one another until we get the desired results of the patient.

Liposuction, injectable fillers, botox, and skin tightening techniques are some of the best tools we have to “snatch your jawline”. Some of these procedures will even allow you to be in and out of the office within an hour. That’s just how incredible this technology and these products have become.

However, the one thing that we always talk to our patients about is managing expectations. We’ve talked about this in the past, and it still holds true when it comes to defining your jawline. A traditional surgical procedure is still going to net you the best results with the longest lasting effects.

Non-surgical and non-invasive procedures may provide a benefit up-front, for a lower cost, and with less of an investment physically, but the effects of these non-surgical procedures don’t always last forever. So be sure to talk to your doctor about the results you’re looking for so they can help manage your expectations.

Why Has a Snatched Jawline Been So Popular Lately?

Over the last couple years, while we’ve all been hunkered down in our homes doing virtual learning and working from home, there has been an uptick in facial procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. This stems from the fact that most of us have been communicating with our co-workers, family, and friends via a screen using video chat.

When you use a video chat program like zoom or facetime, in most cases there is a small window in the corner that shows you yourself. This has led to us having to look at our own faces for longer periods of time than if we were to just glance in a mirror while getting ready in the morning. Because of this we notice imperfections in our skin, in our jawlines, in our eyes, and in our face in general. Combine that with the fact that the cameras on our computers and phones have become extremely clear and sharp, and we start to become more self-conscious about what we look like.

While it may seem odd, this has been the leading reason as to why more facial procedures were performed these last couple years when compared to previous years. People typically weren’t looking at themselves for hours on end in the past, so this increase in facial procedures makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Thankfully, as we stated above, the technology and products available to help tighten, soften, and clean up the skin have come a long way over the past few years so we can more easily and quickly fix any minor problem issues that you may notice.

If you’re looking for more information on cleaning up your jawline and making it more pronounced, contact us today at Dr. Adams Plastic Surgery in Dallas, TX.


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