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Top 5 Things to Know about DIY Cosmetic Procedures​

diy cosmetic procedures

Do-it-yourself (DIY) cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more popular as the years go by. Many people are opting to try these procedures out in the high hopes they will work as advertised. At best, the vast majority of these DIY procedures don’t work. At worst, they will put your health and safety at risk.

There are a wide range of DIY cosmetic procedures on the market. There are facial creams and other DIY wrinkle-removers you can buy over-the-counter at reputable department stores. These creams only offer a temporary solution and need to be reapplied once you wash your face.

Then there are DIY home Botox kits, which are highly dangerous – and illegal. Some unscrupulous individuals will smuggle in Botox kits from other countries and attempt to sell them as a cheap alternative to visiting a qualified medical office. An in-depth knowledge of human anatomy is required to perform Botox injections. If you hit the wrong nerve or artery in the face it could result in a life-threatening situation.

One of the main reasons people seek out these DIY methods is to save money. Most non-surgical cosmetic procedures can cost several hundred dollars when performed by a qualified doctor’s office. Another reason is due to the nature of human beings. From makeup to dying our hair, we tend to want to perform our own beauty regimens. This is great when you’re having your friend cut your hair – not so much when you’re entrusting your life to them as they inject your face with fillers.

DIY Cosmetic Procedures

There is a wide spectrum of DIY cosmetic procedures on the market. Most them are considered somewhat safe, but ineffective. For example, a quick internet search on Amazon or Alibaba will produce thousands of DIY cosmetic devices that purport to do everything from raise your nose up to widening your eyes. They usually require some sort of plastic or metal device to be worn on or around your face. One gimmick requires you to put nasal struts in your nostrils. It claims to help your nose stick up more.

Not all DIY medical devices are dangerous and ineffective. Plastic surgery offices sometimes sell devices or creams you can take home that actually work. For example, if you suffer from acne and acne scarring, there is a microneedling device that is called a “skin roller”. It helps rebuild collagen inside the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of acne or scarring.

Hair removal devices are another product that tend to work very well. If the office of a plastic surgeon is selling a device or cream, there is a good chance that it works very well. Otherwise they would not put their good name and reputation behind it. Sometimes the plastic surgeons will suggest you use a particular device at home in conjunction with the treatment you’re being given.

Things to look out for

While the majority of DIY cosmetic procedures are relatively safe, there are some that you absolutely need to avoid. There is an alarming trend of DIY Botox kits that are being sold on the street and in some beauty clinics. They purport to be a safe and cheap alternative to getting Botox done in the office of a plastic surgeon. These kinds of products should only be administered by a licensed medical professional, done in the safety of a medical office.

If someone is offering a “group rate” for Botox or other injectables, you should be wary of them as well. A reputable doctor is not going to offer a cut-rate discount just to get people through their front doors.

You should also be wary of purchasing medical devices over the internet. Despite their seemingly low cost, almost all of them have not received FDA approval. A quick search for “medical device” on Alibaba produces many unconventional products such as oxygen therapy and vaginal tightening devices. You should steer clear of any and all products like these as the safety standards set forth in the country they’re manufactured in are completely different than those here in America.

Cosmetic Surgery in Dallas

When it comes to looking your very best, you shouldn’t put your health and safety at risk in order to save money. You could wind up with medical complications that will cost tens of thousands of dollars and even jeopardize your life.

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