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What Am I Going To Look Like After Surgery?

what am i going to look like after surgery

Women that are considering plastic surgery want to know how they will look after surgery. With breast augmentation, some surgeons place implants in bras for the patient to get an idea of how they will look after surgery. Selecting an implant with a bra is very misleading and inaccurate. The implant size should be selected by the measurement of the breast not what fits in a bra. If you think about it, when the implant is actually placed in the breast pocket this will not look the same as it looked when the implants were placed in a bra. The breast tissue and muscle will affect the shape and size of the breast. Dr. Adams has worked with a 3D imaging company that has helped patients visualize what they will look like after surgery. The importance of 3D imaging has made a huge impact in patient education and communication. This allows the patient and the surgeon see the results in consultation to determine the exact size versus the surgeon deciding for you in surgery without you and then it is too late. Implant size selection is mainly determined by a patient’s measurements and the 3D imaging is used to confirm the size visually with the patient. Every woman has their own personal preferences, some want a very natural look and some women want a fuller look. Patients will also bring in pictures from the internet of other women to show what they like and do not like. It is fine to do this so the surgeon can understand what the goals are, keep in mind every woman is different and cannot be compared to you. There are no two women that are the same. With proper size selection and education, patients will have the comfort of knowing what they are getting before surgery and understand that going with what is appropriate will give longevity. Remember, it is not only the size it is the shape of the breast that is important.


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