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The Price of Beauty

breast augmentation what to know

What are you willing to pay for a breast augmentation? Choosing the right surgeon for breast augmentation is a very important decision. Most women make price a top factor in deciding which surgeon they want to perform their breast augmentation. There are many other factors that should be considered before making a decision. First, you want to make sure that your surgeon is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. There are many questions you will want to ask about your surgeon. What percentage is their re-operation rate? Who is performing the anesthesia? Where is the surgery performed? If the cost is too low there could be a chance that the doctor is not trained in the new advances of breast augmentation. There a nurses that are administering anesthesia versus a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. The other cost that is cut is the operating room. There are some surgeons that operate in a procedure room. Some surgeons may not have privileges to perform certain procedures at a surgery center or hospital because they are not trained to perform them. This is a safety issue. What must be considered, is that in the future, you may have to go back and pay for a much more expensive revision surgery to fix an issue that may have been avoided had you gone with a different surgeon who may have initially cost just a little more. Do your research; make sure your surgeon is an expert in the type of procedure you are considering. There are many other questions that you will want to ask about your surgeon, such as:

  • Is the doctor invited around the world to lecture/teach about breast augmentation?
  • Has the doctor ever written books about breast augmentation that have been published?
  • Is the doctor trained in the 24 hour recovery technique?
  • Is the doctor invited to perform live surgeries around the world?
  • Has the doctor ever been asked to be a part of a study on new implants that are in process of being approved?
  • Does your doctor offer 3D imaging so that you can see images that are 99% accurate of what you will look like after your surgery?
  • Does your doctor use a team of board certified anesthesiologists during surgery?
  • Does the doctor know which implant size he will place before entering the surgery center or does he try different sizes out during the surgery before picking the size?
  • Does the office staff make you feel comfortable and welcome?
  • Does your doctor perform surgeries in the office or in a surgery center?
  • Do you get to meet the doctor before surgery?
  • Has the doctor developed any solutions that minimize complications after your surgery?
  • Does your doctor have patients travel from other parts of the country/world to have surgery performed?


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