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Stories from the Operating Room: You Won’t Believe What Happened

stories from the operating room

When you’ve been in the plastic surgery field for as long as Dr. Adams has, you naturally have some stories to tell. Some of these stories would be hard to believe if he hadn’t been there to witness them firsthand, but all these stories are 100% true.

The number of stories that Dr. Adams could tell you would only be limited by the amount of time in a day. As the world evolves and humans are introduced to new technologies and advancements in society, the number of ways a person can hurt themselves is always growing. You would be absolutely surprised by the sort of injuries an emergency room sees on a daily basis.

With these new injuries comes advancements in treatments and surgical procedures. For example, before the invention of the automobile, doctors weren’t used to seeing injuries to the extent that we see today due to car accidents. This has led to a better understanding of how to treat and help those patients with more extensive injuries that people would never have experienced before.

This week Dr. Adams took to his YouTube channel to discuss just a few of the most unforgettable moments in patient care that he has witnessed during his career.

Unforgettable Moments in Patient Care

Wrist Reattachment

Some of the most unforgettable procedures that Dr. Adams has had to deal with is reattaching of limbs or body parts that have been cut off. While it’s not the rarest occurrence, what happened in this particular instance was out of the ordinary.

A worker was working near a large industrial an on top of a building and accidentally got his hand cut off at the wrist due to the spinning fan blade. When they brought him into the ER for surgery, they did not have the hand when they brought in the patient.

It turns out that when the fan cut off the hand, it sent the hand flying off the building and five stories down to the street below. Once it was on the street it was then run over by the local garbage truck. So once the hand was brought into the hospital it had tire tread marks on it and was badly banged up.

Thankfully, because of the skilled doctors at the hospital, they were still able to reattach the hand and after a lot of physical therapy, the patient now has a functioning hand again. But it’s not every day that a severed limb comes into surgery with tire tread marks on it after having been thrown off a 5-story building.

Hostage Surgeon

One seemingly normal morning in the hospital turned into a nightmare situation for everything on staff that day.

On a Saturday at one of the busiest emergency rooms in the southwest, Dr. Adams was walking into the ER as he normally would, when he noticed that there wasn’t a single person in the area, not even staff, and the area smelled like a firework had gone off.

It turns out that a person who was arrested by the police needed to be brought in for medical treatment, but decided to grab the police officer’s gun just before he was brought in. The suspect managed to get a shot off, which thankfully did not hit anyone in the area, and then grabbed a staff member in the ER and took her hostage.

He tried to make an escape with the hostage but released her as he ran out of the doors and took off down the street. A little while later the suspect was brought back into the ER due to a gunshot wound sustained when the police finally caught up to him.

And wouldn’t you know it, the same surgeon that he had taken hostage earlier, was the one that had to treat him for the gunshot wound when he was brought back.

Stories from the Operating Room

These are just a couple of the many stories that Dr. Adams has from his storied career as a surgeon in Texas. If you had the time, he could sit down and tell you stories about things you didn’t even know were possible.

It just goes to show you that doctors and surgeons truly have dealt with almost everything. Sometimes they even have to put their personal feelings aside in order to help out those that need their assistance.

So, if you like these stories and want to hear Dr. Adams talk about them directly or want to hear another story we didn’t include in this article, be sure to click on the video above.

Dr. Adams and his colleagues post many different informational and edutainment videos on his YouTube channel every week, so make sure you subscribe to stay up to date on what is happening in the world of plastic surgery!


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