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woman using Snapchat in plastic surgery procedure

Snapchat in Plastic Surgery: Is filming live videos of surgical procedures a good thing?

Celebrity doctors have been around for a while. But doctors filming themselves performing a procedure live on their phones for anyone to see is definitely a new thing. Though it may sound shocking, a growing number of plastic surgeons have built up quite a following on Snapchat by filming their surgeries in full graphic detail.

The question to ask now is whether or not filming these live broadcasts of surgical procedures on Snapchat is a good thing, or if it’s simply unethical. We asked several top plastic surgeons about their thoughts on this topic and for their predictions of the future of Snapchat in plastic surgery.

The Trend in Live Plastic Surgery on Snapchat

Plastic surgery procedures used to just be between the doctor and the patient. Nowadays, patients consent to getting their surgery broadcasted live on Snapchat and seen by thousands of followers. Some patients even request that their surgeon give viewers their Snapchat usernames and a shout out to a loved one.

One surgeon in particular, Dr. Matthew Schulman, is at the forefront of the plastic surgery Snapchat trend. He gives excellent insight into why people are watching and the effects of Snapchatting.

Dr. Schulman says he has several hundred thousand followers on the social media app, according to Fox News, and that about 90% of patients consent to their surgeries being broadcasted on Snapchat. Schulman also says that about 80 to 85% of people who come into his practice for a consultation follow him on Snapchat. He started using Snapchat after Instagram began taking down images from his account.

According to Refinery29, people who watch Schulman’s Snapchats include those interested in getting plastic surgery, people in the medical field and other viewers who are fascinated by the gory clips. Dr. Schulman says that he receives good questions about plastic surgery and that people watch him and his staff each day like a soap opera.

Experts Answer: Is Snapchatting Live Surgical Procedures a Good Thing?

While this new trend is certainly growing, should plastic surgeons jump on the bandwagon and start using Snapchat? Or is Snapchatting these surgeries having a negative impact on the industry and, even more importantly, patients? Dr. Adams spoke to four top plastic surgeons on NO Spin Live from The Plastic Surgery Channel and asked for their thoughts about broadcasting live plastic surgery procedures on Snapchat.

Daniel DelVecchio, MD: “Clearly we are seeing people who are violating ethical standards: showing pictures of surgery, writing on patients during surgery. This [Snapchat content] is inappropriate. When you are in the operating room, you should be one thousand percent focused on doing the operation. If you are entertaining people on Snapchat, that is unethical.”

Ashley Gordon, MD: “I think that the people who are [Snapchatting] a lot are those who are trying to use it as a marketing [channel] for surgeons who aren’t that busy. They are trying to generate and get more patients [through Snapchat]. I agree with Dan: you need to be focused on the patient and the surgery you are doing [in the operating room], not [asking about your Snapchat videos with questions like,] “Did you get that shot?” and  “How does it look?”

Mark Epstein, MD: “I think there’s a difference between putting an instructional video for patient education purposes on your website and being a showman on the Internet. So I have a great reservation about the real purpose of this other than as a marketing tool.“

Dustin Reid, MD: “The thoughtful surgeon needs to decide whether they want to be a video star or a good surgeon. Even if the patient consents, I don’t think they recognize what they are consenting to. It is an invasion of their privacy whether they know it or not when they consent [to being filmed on Snapchat]. And our society will probably ultimately have to get involved and give guidelines on using this type of video.”


While the Snapchat trend continues to grow, it’s important that we protect patients and create ethical standards when using social media. The last thing we want is for plastic surgeons to think of their procedures as a source of entertainment and marketing rather than a serious and life-changing surgery. Keep an eye on our video gallery for more educational insight on the latest plastic surgery trends!

Breast Augmentation After Pregnancy: Guide to Getting Your Beautiful Breasts Back

Breast Augmentation After Pregnancy: Guide to Getting Your Beautiful Breasts Back

Pregnancy can take a toll on your breasts. Not only can your breasts undergo major changes in size when you’re pregnant, but they also get pulled and sucked on while breastfeeding. Needless to say, your breasts can look a lot different after having a baby. This is why many mothers choose to have a breast augmentation after pregnancy. Breast augmentation can give you your beautiful, youthful breasts back by restoring volume.

Watch the video below to see a mother of two recovering from her breast augmentation 24 hours after her surgery with Dr. Adams.

How Long Should You Wait After Pregnancy?

We never recommend that women jump straight into breast augmentation surgery after having a baby. It’s important that you finish breastfeeding and your breasts are no longer changing in size. Allow your body to return to its normal hormonal rhythms and weight. Give yourself time to recover. About 3 months after you finish breastfeeding, you can speak to Dr. Adams about whether or not your body is ready for breast augmentation surgery.

While you want to make sure you wait until your body is ready for surgery, you don’t have to worry about taking time off from your baby after a breast augmentation at Dr. Adams Plastic Surgery. Thankfully, Dr. Adams’ 24-hour breast augmentation recovery technique allows busy mothers to get right back to taking care of their children after surgery. You can go back to your normal activities, like driving and grocery shopping, immediately.

Before and after breast augmentation

How Does a Breast Augmentation After Pregnancy Help Your Breasts?

After pregnancy, many women may notice that their breasts look “empty” and have lost volume. While it’s no surprise that your breasts grow a cup or more during your pregnancy, this added volume can disappear after you have had your baby, giving your breasts a sunken look. We’ve seen some cases where breasts are smaller after pregnancy than they were before, throwing off your breast to body proportion.

Breast implants can provide youthful fullness and shape to your breasts again, dramatically improving your size proportions and balance after pregnancy. Dr. Adams has over 15 years of experience performing breast augmentations on mothers.

About Breast Augmentation Recovery for New Mothers

One of the biggest concerns we have heard from new mothers interested in breast augmentation is the time needed for recovery. After all, it’s important for mothers to spend time with their babies during their early years and be available to take care of them. Dr. Adams has developed a breast augmentation technique that allows his patients to be up and about just 24 hours after surgery. Over 95% of Dr. Adams’ patients return to normal activities within 24 hours after their breast augmentation.

In the video above, you will see a patient of Dr. Adams, 23-year-old Alicia, receiving a live breast augmentation on camera. After Alicia’s surgery is over, the mother of two does exactly what Dr. Adams suggests: she takes a nap and a quick shower and then goes out to dinner. Add in a few arm raises and it’s as if the surgery never happened. She is able to do all of this while taking only prescription-strength Ibuprofen for pain and soreness. Just three days after surgery, Alicia returns to her daily life and her job as a hair stylist. Her results were better than she imagined.

If this seems too good to be true, be assured it is what Dr. Adams does every day; however, many surgeons make various claims of offering quick recovery breast augmentation. Patients should be critical in their evaluation of many claims. If a surgeon promises great results and has not:

  1. demonstrated them during live surgery
  2. published their recovery in peer reviewed journals
  3. treat patients using the process for breast augmentation principles
  4. prescribed narcotics for breast augmentation
  5. do not provide a dedicated patient education consult prior to the surgeon consult

it is extremely unlikely they are giving patients a 24-hour recovery. Dr. Adams has proven and taught his 24-hour recovery technique to thousands of surgeons many times during national and international meetings and live surgery symposia. In fact, he has been invited to perform more live breast augmentation surgeries in the past five years than any other surgeon. The 24-hour recovery is what makes his surgery technique so desired by patients, especially busy moms.

If you’re a mom who’s worried you don’t have time to take care of your children and get breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Adams’ breast augmentation technique may be a great solution for you. Not only will Dr. Adams give your perky breast back with youthful volume after pregnancy, but you will also be able to go back to caring for your baby immediately after surgery. Contact us to learn more today.