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How To Prevent Unnatural Look With Botox and Fillers

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Have you ever had a face-to-face conversation with someone and their facial expressions don’t quite match up with what they’re saying?

You might notice something is a little stiff, or a little off, yet you can’t quite put your finger on it…

There’s a good chance that they probably have had some work done to their face in the form of Botox or fillers. More specifically, they’ve had over-work done to the point that muscles in their face are not working properly.

There are 43 muscles in the human face. They control what we look like when we smile, when we speak, and when we’re passively listening to someone. If someone gets too much Botox, or if they get the procedure done at a “day spa,” there’s an excellent chance that they will get that unnatural look.

We’re going to look at the various causes of unnatural looks and how people can avoid the “uncanny valley” effect that sometimes occurs when they get too much Botox or fillers done to their face.

Causes of Unnatural Looks

When performed correctly in the offices of a qualified plastic surgeon, Botox, and other injectables can help remove wrinkles and offer results that the patient will be satisfied with. However, there are certain other instances that can lead to dissatisfaction.

Getting the procedure done in a day spa, not having proper expectations, and viewing injectables as a cure-all for facial aging signs can significantly contribute to that unnatural look to the human face.

Vetting Your Plastic Surgeon

One of the first things you should do is properly vet your surgeon before setting foot into their office. Be sure that they have board certification from The American Board of Plastic Surgery. This is a huge indicator of whether or not you’re walking into the office of a trained surgical expert—or someone who took a weekend course on Botox.

The so-called “day spas” that offer facial and beauty treatments sometimes perform Botox and other filler injections. Currently, there are no laws that require a qualified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. Many of these day spa “technicians” take a weekend course on how to administer Botox or fillers and then go back to work on Monday.

As we explained before, there are 43 muscles in the human face and one of the biggest causes of that unnatural look is the inexperience of the person administering it. Botox can also easily be messed up if the person isn’t familiar with human facial anatomy. Board certified plastic surgeons spend years in college and take very challenging exams to get certified.

Proper Expectations

Many people don’t have proper expectations and as a result, get way more Botox or injectables than what’s needed. This is why sitting down with a plastic surgeon for a consultation is so important. They can explain to you what to expect, and based on your conversation, tell you if your expectations are reasonable—or not.

Remember, Botox and fillers are somewhat subtle in terms of results. While they can smoothen out wrinkles and age lines, they are still somewhat limited in what they can do when compared to an invasive plastic surgery procedure such as a facelift.

You’re not going to shave 20 years of aging off your face with a few pricks of the needle. In situations like this, a surgical facelift is a much better option.

When is Enough?

It’s best to listen to the advice of your plastic surgeon when determining that you’ve had enough work done. There are many surgeons out there who are not Board Certified, and they’re more interested in making money than they are the safety and well-being of their patients.

A good plastic surgeon will offer their expert opinion, and it’s up to the patient to listen to them and heed their advice. Otherwise, a situation will occur where they will get more work than is needed, and the result will look extremely unnatural to the point where everyone starts to take notice.

Unlike fillers which can show immediate results, Botox sometimes takes a few weeks to a month or two to fully go to work.  If someone is impatient, they can easily cause their face to start looking weird if they visit another plastic surgeon or day spa because they’re not satisfied with the results they’ve gotten so far.

Botox takes time to go to work, and before you seek to get more done, you should first consult with the surgeon who initially performed the procedure. You may just need to wait a few more weeks for it to kick in.


While anyone can administer Botox and other fillers, it takes the skilled hands of a plastic surgeon to get you the look that you desire. If you’re in the Dallas area and are considering getting non-surgical work done to your face, give Dr. Adams a call at (214) 965-9885 or schedule an appointment via the website.


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