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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Talk – Has Taylor Swift Gotten Plastic Surgery?

taylor swift plastic surgery

Arguably the biggest thing to happen to the NFL this year was Aaron Rodgers going down in his first drive as a New York Jet… The second thing would be Taylor Swift attending NFL games to see her “boyfriend” Travis Kelce.

Having Taylor Swift at any event or location is guaranteed to bring the media attention, whether good or bad. And whether or not you agree with the way the NFL has handled the new relationship, there’s no doubt that she has brought a lot more non-fans into the game of football than any other marketing campaign could have.

That being said, Taylor Swift is no stranger to attention and scrutiny. A star as big as her and as popular as her is going to be pulled through the media and dragged for any possible misstep she makes. But aside from the fact that she’s dated a few guys (which isn’t a misstep in any sense of the word), there haven’t been many, if any, negative aspects to her life that have come out in the media.

However, when it comes to beautiful celebrities who are constantly in the spotlight, there’s always that question about whether they’ve had plastic surgery or not. And since she’s the talk of the town right now, we decided to sit down, as plastic surgeons, and as fans, to talk about whether or not we feel she has any plastic surgery done over the years.

Taylor Swift and Plastic Surgery

As plastic surgeons in a lot of cases we can tell, or have a good idea, when a person has gotten plastic surgery over the years. In some cases, when the surgeon has done a great job, and the patient hasn’t requested to go overboard, it is much harder to tell.

Good plastic surgery should not be obvious while bad plastic surgery is going to be noticeable.

In the case of Taylor Swift, we do NOT believe that she has had any major work done over the years. Her facial structure and overall appearance has not changed drastically since she came onto the scene as a young teenager, and there is nothing obvious that stands out to us in terms of surgical work done on her face.

Is it possible that she’s had some botox or filler work in her face, absolutely, but from her facial appearance alone we do not see any indication of Taylor having any major work done over the years.

Yes, this could always be because she has a great, board-certified, plastic surgeon doing her work, but we’re leaning towards the more obvious answer.

In terms of the rest of her body, that is a little harder to determine. There have been talks over the years of her having a breast augmentation, but if she has, she still has a very natural look that suits her body type.

In our expert opinion, Taylor Swift has not had any major plastic surgery procedures done on her face, but may have had some minor filler work to remove aging lines and things of that nature.

She’s a very natural beauty.

Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

It is not uncommon for celebrities to go under the knife in order to maintain a certain level of beauty or youthfulness that their jobs require. Many celebrities have come out and said that they’ve had plastic surgery, while many others keep that aspect of their lives a secret from the public.

In some cases it can be very obvious when a celebrity has had some work done, but in other cases you’d never know. But the fact that these people are in the public eye and in front of our faces all the time, it’s easier for us to recognize more subtle or drastic changes in their appearance.

Anytime a celebrity comes out looking slightly different than what we recall of them, everyone automatically assumes plastic surgery, but that may not always be the case. People age differently, medical issues can cause changes in the way people look, and just the fact that maybe a person has retreated from the public eye for a while can change our we perceive them in our minds.

Plastic surgery is a great tool when in the hands of a great surgeon, however when in the wrong hands, the results begin to look more unnatural and can be more obvious.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon, one that specializes in the area you want to improve, is extremely important when it comes to the results you will experience.

If you’re thinking about having plastic surgery, please contact us today to setup a consultation. Dr. Adams is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation among other procedures. And if he doesn’t feel that he’s right for your specific needs, he will be able to refer you to other surgeons that he trusts.


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