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Breast Implants and Stretch Marks – What You Need To Know

breast implants stretch marks

Breast augmentation can be a life changing experience. It can help you get the body you’ve always wanted, while also helping to boost your self esteem and make you feel better about yourself.

And while the reasons for wanting breast implants or a breast augmentation can vary from person to person, there are always things to consider before going under the knife.

Because breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, there are some inherent risks that go along with it. The recovery process can be uncomfortable, your overall results may vary from what you were expecting, and there is always the possibility of unwanted side-effects.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures done in the world, and because of that there has been lots of research done on the topic, and new procedural elements implemented over the years to help minimize the risks and complications from the surgery.

In the hands of a skilled, experienced, surgeon, a breast augmentation procedure is extremely safe, but there are still questions we get asked all the time.

For example, in certain situations people are worried about stretch marks when it comes to breast augmentations. And, those questions are posed in varying ways.

Some people are concerned that having breast implants will cause them to develop stretch marks, while others are wondering if having a breast augmentation can eliminate them.

Will Breast Implants Cause Stretch Marks?

It’s natural to assume that if you add something under the skin of your body, something that is larger than what was there before, that you would develop stretch marks on the skin.

The truth is, it depends on how elastic your skin is and how large of a breast implant you get.

Naturally, the larger size implant you get, the greater your chances of developing stretch marks are. But in most cases, with normal sized implants, it’s very rare to develop stretch marks.

The skin of the breast is general more elastic than skin on other parts of your body. Because of this elasticity, it can stretch naturally on it’s own without causing stretch marks.

Stretch marks are caused when the deep layers of skin tear and scar over. This is usually caused when the skin is “stretched” too far, faster than it can handle. You’ll often see this in the abdomen area during pregnancy due to the sudden weight gain that your body isn’t used to. But along with weight gain, stretch marks can occur based on genetics.

If you naturally have thinner, weaker skin, then you could be more pre-disposed to developing stretch marks with breast implants.

There are a couple ways to help reduce the risk of stretch marks after breast implants. The first way is to ensure that you’re not going too large.

Extremely large breast implants, that are clearly not made for your body, can produce overstretching of the skin the breast area, thus causing stretch marks to appear.

The other way is to find a surgeon who does their implants underneath the muscle tissue in the chest. Otherwise known as a submuscular implant. By placing the implant underneath the muscle there will be less pressure applied to the skin itself. This will help reduce the possibility of stretch marks forming on the skin.

Stretch marks after a breast augmentation surgery are not a common occurrence by any means, but as we stated above, there are some factors that can put you more at risk. It’s important to talk with your doctor if stretch marks are a major concern of yours.

Can Breast Augmentation Remove Stretch Marks?

In addition to questions about whether or not breast augmentation can cause stretch marks, we also get asked if they can help eliminate stretch marks that may come from sagging breasts.

Unfortunately, stretch marks are usually permanent, but there are ways to lessen the visibility of them. There are cosmetic creams and procedures that can help fade them out so they aren’t as noticeable, but as far as using breast augmentation to completely eliminate them, that’s rarely going to be possible.

What is possible though, is that during a breast augmentation procedure, your sagging breasts will be corrected, and resized in a way that will help hide the stretch marks that may have come from having children or with age. In addition to this, a breast lift can be performed to also help minimize the noticeability of those stretch marks.

So while a breast augmentation isn’t going to fix your stretch marks completely, it can help hide them and make them far less noticeable.

If you have more questions about breast augmentation and stretch marks, please contact us today! At the Dr Adams Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas, our goal is to make sure we’re open and honest about what you can expect from your breast augmentation surgery.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding these procedures to ensure that you know all the benefits and risks, as well as what to expect from the completed surgery.


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