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Push-up Bra vs. Implants 

Option 1: Push-Up Bra for Bigger Breasts Instantly

What it can do:

  • Increase size in seconds
  • Easy to use and comfortable

What it can’t do:

  • May not give the best shape
  • Create results that last


  • Pain-free
  • Inexpensive
  • No recovery or downtime
  • Can go about one cup size bigger
  • Comes in a variety of different sizes and styles

Good For: Those who want a temporary boost in size and don’t want to commit to surgery

“Push-up bras are technically engineered to elevate breast tissue and enhance a cleavage effect,” says Susan Nethero, founder of Intimacy boutiques. Made of cotton, satin, lace or any other type of fabric, push-up bras temporarily amplify the size of your chest by forcing them in and up—for a more lifted, round look—with either padding, silicone or water sacks, or mini pillow-like inserts, as well as some sort of plastic or metal underwire. “Younger women tend to look better in push-up bras because they get good cleavage. Older women can look good in them, too, but have more empty skin and may not be able to get the cleavage they want,” says New York plastic surgeon Tracy Pfeifer, MD. “There is one downside to push-up bras: They can take the breast tissue from the outside and push it towards the center, making the breasts lack proportion and curvature,” she says. If you find yourself wearing a push-up bra the majority of the time, you may want to consider surgery, which will provide similar, if not better, results.

When shopping for a push-up bra, Nethero says that both small-busted and fuller-busted women should look for the same things: proper size and tasteful cleavage (one inch of center definition between the breasts).

Option 2: Breast Implants: Amp up your size and shape long-term

What it can do:   

  • Create size and better shape
  • Increase size by one cup or more
  • Create results that last with or without clothing


  • Requires downtime
  • Expensive
  • Leaves scarring

Good For: Those who want to permanently improve breast shape and/or size

Longer lasting than push-up bras, breast augmentation relies upon either silicone or saline implants placed under, in between or over the muscle to add size, shape, proportion and cleavage. “When it comes to choosing between implants and wearing a push-up bra, it’s all about quality of life and the naturalness of the result,” says Dallas plastic surgeon William Adams, MD. “Push-up bras definitely work, but most women want to have a fuller or larger look all the time—with or without clothes. And the only thing that can produce those results are breast implants.” For the most natural look, La Jolla, CA, plastic surgeon Reza Sadrian, MD, says that breast diameter, as well as the profile, shape and positioning of the implants, needs to be taken into consideration. “Implants should fit the body appropriately. If they are too big for your body’s natural diameter, the implant will stick out at the sides, be too high up on the chest and just look too large overall,” he says.

Before your surgery, there are a few things to select with your doctor, when it comes to implants, like shape, type, texture, placement and positioning

Even though cohesive gel implants (also known as form stable or gummy bear implants) are still not FDA approved, they have been in clinical trials for about 10 years and have evolved to the fifth generation.


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