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Is it Safe to Buy Injectables, Like Botox, Online?

buy injectables online

With the popularity of non-surgical procedures skyrocketing around the world, it was only a matter of time before people tried to circumvent the system.

But what are you willing to risk just to save a few dollars?

Injectable fillers like Botox and Juvederm have become extremely popular for those wanting to turn back the clock on their aging bodies. They have provided a relatively simple and inexpensive way to remove wrinkles in the face as well as lift problem areas they may have loosened up due to the aging process.

Even though this process is simple, usually painless (when performed by a professional), and inexpensive, there are still people out there trying to find a shortcut.

The bottom line is, even though you might be able to find injectable fillers available for cheaper online, please do not buy them in an effort to use on yourself, your friends, or your family.

You Never Know What You’re Getting

The first concern with buying injectable fillers online is that you never know what you’re getting.

The website you order from may seem legit and have, what appears to be, legit reviews and testimonials, but all of that can be easily fabricated. Unless you have the ability to have the product tested in a highly sophisticated medical lab, you’re never going to know what’s truly in the product you’re purchasing.

And this is something that you’re going to be injecting directly into your body!

Too Many Options to Choose From

There are online retailers out there that do provide legitimate product that you can purchase for personal home use, but which do you choose?

We mentioned Juvederm and Botox earlier in this article, but those are just two of the many different brands of cosmetic injectable fillers available. If you have no experience with these products, it’s going to be very difficult to know which one to choose for which application.

You also may have to worry about allergic reactions or your body rejecting certain products. Not knowing exactly what is in the different products can lead to complications that wouldn’t have been an issue had you consulted with a trained medical professional.

You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

Say for a minute we forget the two reasons above as to why you shouldn’t buy dermal fillers for yourself online. The most important reason why you should never be buying these types of products online is that you are not properly trained in how to use them.

Even if you were 100% sure that the product you were buying is the exact same stuff your doctor purchases, that still does not make you qualified to start injecting something into your body.

It’s not a very smart thing to do.

If you think that buying your own injectable fillers online is going to save you some money, you’re going to be pretty upset when it costs even more money to correct the mistakes that you made.

Even if you just want to buy the product yourself to then have your doctor inject, you’d still be better off allowing the doctor to order it as they know exactly what products to order and can oftentimes get them for cheaper than you can online.

If you see a product for a much lower price than what your doctor says they can get it for, you should be cautious. There’s probably a reason that it’s priced that cheaply and you don’t want to find out what that reason is after you’ve already had it injected into your body.

And in most cases, a qualified doctor would never inject anything into a patient that they haven’t personally ordered for their office. You’d never find a doctor who would implant a breast implant you brought in, so why would you expect a doctor to inject Botox into your face that you bring in.

They don’t know what’s in that bottle either, and by injecting it into a patient they run the risk of being at fault when something gets infected or problems start to occur.

Just because you’ve seen a few videos on YouTube about how to use dermal fillers, does not make you qualified to start injecting product into your own face.

Please be smart when it comes to this sort of thing. If you start taking shortcuts, you’ll end up hurting yourself in the end.

The bottom line is, you should always listen to your doctor and the professionals within the medical field when it comes surgical and non-surgical procedures.

The internet is a great tool to help give you guidance, but if you’re not qualified to understand exactly what a study or an article online is talking about, you should always talk to your doctor before moving forward with anything that could potentially harm you.

Injectables are very safe and painless, when done by a properly trained professional. They can still be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you have any questions or concerns about non-surgical procedures or injectable dermal fillers, please contact us today to setup a consultation. We’d be happy to discuss the different options available through Dr. Adams Plastic Surgery as well as our AYA Medical Spa, both located in Dallas, TX.


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