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Dr. Adams has never offered skin care products until a new skincare line from Switzerland recently became available in the US.  See what is unique about this group of products in this video. 

Teoxane is one of the newest skincare lines to recently hit the United States market and is also one of the newest products sold in our office.  It has been popular over in Europe for many years and was developed in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Teoxane was developed by the same developer of the injectable filler, Juvederm.   The two products actually contain the same main ingredient, Resilient Hyaluronic Acid or RHA.  Teoxane is the only RHA product on the market. 

Even our patients with overly sensitive skin enjoy using this product.  Our patients see the results of Teoxane almost instantly.  That is what makes an RHA product so great, because the results are so immediate.  Our patients love the hyrdrating and rejuvenating affect that Teoxane has on their skin.  It is also effective for patients who are getting injectable fillers, since fillers tend to pull the moisture from the skin when injected.  Teoxane products help to replace that moisture and hydration.  This is why Dr. Adams now carries this product at his plastic surgery practice. 

Teoxane can only be purchased by a specialty physician’s office such as a Plastic Surgeon, Ophthalmologist or Dermatologist.  Teoxane gives optimal results to our patients, who are having difficulty getting the results they need from the many over the counter products on the market.


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