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Re-operation or  revision is  a key indicator of the quality of the breast augmentation procedure/ experience delivered by  a given practice.   Dr. Adams has  dedicated his career through research and education  to minimizing the re-operation rate and  maximizing the patient experience in breast augmentation.

Re-operation rates and  recovery are the  2  most important objective  measures of the  quality of the breast augmentation procedures being delivered and the  best  indicator of the  type of experience the  patient will have.

Since these are  easily  measured patients should be careful to  determine what these key  indices are for any  given  surgeon.    One problem is  many surgeons do not  know  or  do not  want to make their  actual re-operation and recovery rates public.  Re-operation rates in   FDA clinical  trial studies have  ranged  from  15 – 25 %, and  often cited for being excessively elevated.

Dr. Adams is one of  2  surgeons in the world who have published in peer reviewed  journals his  re-operation and recovery rates for breast augmentation.

This publication was published in the world’s premier  plastic surgery journal,  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  In this  publication the re-operation rate  was 2.8% and 99% of  patients had a  documented  return to  normal activities of daily living.

Using the same  techniques that produced these data, Dr. Adams has  spent the past 10 years refining the patient experience in  breast augmentation and breast surgery in general.

Make sure to verify re-operation and  recovery  –   they matter!





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