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Dr. Adams’ Office Locations

Our primary office is located in Snider Plaza in Dallas

Park Cities Medical Plaza Building
6901 Snider Plaza
Suite 120
Dallas, Tx 75205

Our secondary office is located at Inwood Rd. and Lovers Ln

5600 W. Lovers Ln, Suite 212
Dallas, Tx 75209 214.965.9885

For more information about plastic surgery in Dallas, Texas, feel free to visit or contact us.


Adams Philosophy

Dr. Adams reviews his practice philosophy of the renowned Breast and Body Contouring click here.

3D Breast Imaging

Patient rate 3D imaging as #1 advance! click here.

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Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Adams and his staff are absolutely amazing. I drove from out of state to see Dr. Adams.”
“Overall, best experience from any other surgeon I visited!.”