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“A re-defined patient experience is now possible in breast augmentation including fast-track 24-hour recovery.”  — William P. Adams Jr. MD

Selecting a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation involves taking into consideration many factors, most importantly, the recovery period following the procedure. Immediately after the surgery, your body will begin to undergo the long healing process. On average, this can take around six weeks, depending on your body.

Dallas-based plastic surgeon Dr. Adams has given multiple presentations on the national level on this topic as well .

Breast Augmentation Recovery (Traditional)

Before we discuss the revolutionary new 24-hour recovery procedure that was pioneered by Dr. Adams, we want to share with you what the standard recovery process is like:

Immediate Post-Operative – Immediately after waking up from a breast augmentation procedure, you’ll find yourself groggy, sore, and maybe even feeling a bit “out of it.” This is the result of the anesthesia wearing off. It’s been likened to having a hangover. The effects will become diminished in a few hours after you’ve woken up.

The first 24 Hours After Surgery – The doctor will most likely have given you several prescriptions that could include antibiotics and narcotic pain killers. After the anesthesia has completely worn off, many women have reported that they start to feel pain in the immediate surgical area. 

It’s suggested that patients have someone drive them back home once they’re discharged from the surgery office. Any prescriptions will also need to be filled at the pharmacy, which could mean another 30 minutes to one-hour wait. The doctor will have also given the patient an after-care checklist of the do’s and don’ts such as:

  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Don’t reach your arms above your head
  • Don’t engage in strenuous activities
  • Do take the prescribed narcotic pain meds as needed

Three to Seven Days After Surgery – The first 72 hours are when patients feel the most pain. Depending on your level of pain sensitivity, the surgeon might offer alternatives to narcotic pain pills. Keep in mind that there can be dangerous side effects to taking these pills, including constipation, dizziness, and even addiction.

After the 7-day mark, most women can return to a semi-normal way of life, including a desk job. However, they are cautioned to keep physical exertion to a minimum until the surgeon feels that their bodies have healed enough. 

It’s suggested that patients rest up on the couch or in their bed during this period. That means you’ll need to have a friend or family member take care of things around your house while you rest up and heal.

If you have a full or part-time job, it’s advised that you wait a bare minimum of seven days after the surgery; however, you might find yourself in mild to severe discomfort while sitting in an office chair for upwards of 8 hours a day. 

Keep in mind that you cannot take narcotic pain meds while at work—this means that you’ll only be able to take over-the-counter pain meds. This is why many women who can afford it will take off three weeks to a month to fully heal up after the surgery.

Privacy is another concern. Many women don’t want their co-workers to know they’ve had breast augmentation surgery—as co-workers can and will gossip amongst themselves. For at least a week after the initial surgery, you’ll be required to wear a specialized bra, and your physical movements will be limited. 

One to Six Weeks After Surgery – As the weeks start to progress, patients are encouraged to transition back into their regular routines slowly. Exercise should be light, and strenuous activities should be kept to a bare minimum.

Such activities as horseback riding, running, or any physical movement that could include a jarring up and down or side to side motion are discouraged as they could cause the implants to shift. At this point in time, over-the-counter medications can alleviate any lingering pain.

Full Recovery – When your surgeon sees you for the last time, he will assess how well your body has healed over the previous few weeks. It can take anywhere from six-to-eight weeks before your surgeon will give you the go-ahead to resume your normal lifestyle.

24-Hour Recovery

Dr. Adams believes the recovery post-surgery is one of the most important factors correlating to the quality of the procedure. This is why he help shape 24-hour rapid recovery breast augmentation procedure. He realized there was a better way to perform breast surgery that  relied on process oriented steps that maximized planning, minimized tissue damage and allowed patients to get back on their feet in as little as a few hours after waking up from anesthesia!

The secret to Dr. Adam’s revolutionary new technique is that he knows precisely where on the body to make incisions so that internal tissue damage is kept to a bare minimum. Unlike traditional breast surgery, where surgeons make relatively large incisions, the technique that Dr. Adams uses small cuts in strategic locations. This is what allows patients to return to their normal lives within a day—as if nothing ever happened!

Dr. Adams has given multiple presentations on his 24-hour recovery at the national level on this topic and published a paper as well (Tebbetts 2000, Adams 2008). He even performs live breast augmentation demonstrations to teach other plastic surgeons this amazing technique that allows women to return to their regular schedules without the need for potentially dangerous narcotic pain killers. Many of Dr. Adams’ patients who have undergone the 24-hour breast augmentation procedure can manage any lingering pain with over-the-counter painkillers.

About the 24-Hour Breast Augmentation Recovery

Make your breast augmentation a fun experience!

Post-operative pain can be a significant factor for patients undergoing breast augmentation. Dr. Adams has implemented several specific techniques that reduce tissue trauma to minimize post-operative pain and recovery, a considerable advantage to his patients undergoing this procedure.

These measures allow Dr. Adams’ patients a speedy recovery from breast augmentation with minimal post-operative pain. Dr. Adams is one of two surgeons (Tebbetts 2000, Adams 2008) who have documented this recovery in a peer-reviewed publication. Over 99% of Dr. Adams’ patients return to normal activities of daily living within 24 hours after the surgery.  

You will be encouraged to use your hands and arms normally, including washing and styling your hair and raising your arms over your head the same day of the procedure. Dr. Adams has found the specific surgical techniques allowing this rapid recovery as the single biggest advance in the procedure and a major benefit to his breast augmentation patients. Patient references may be given to you during your consultation if desired.

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