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Can I get a Virtual Consultation for a Breast Augmentation?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to temporarily change the way we live our daily lives. Things that we used to take for granted, such as going out in public, now require special precautions to help keep us safe. The same holds true for doctors and plastic surgeons.

Dr. Adams and his team members are dedicated to helping prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. They have implemented several safety protocols that will help ensure the health and well-being of everyone who comes to our office.

In addition to rigorously sanitizing our offices multiple times per hour, we are now offering patients and prospective patients the ability to schedule a virtual consultation.

Virtual consultations are a great way for us to continue to see our non-emergency patients so that less time needs to be spent in the office when things return to normal.

What is a Virtual Consultation?

The CDC is strongly recommending “social distancing” to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. As such, we have implemented a virtual consultation system to help our prospective patients obtain advice.

After filling out the form on our website, and including photos if possible, our Patient Consultant will reach out via phone to help plan your visit and provide information regarding the procedure, cost, recovery, scheduling, and answer any questions that you may have.

No matter if you are local or live out of town, this virtual consultation will allow a qualified candidate to schedule their in-person visit, surgery, and post-operative appointments in all one trip. If you’re not from around here, we’re located within a 30-minute drive from DFW airport and 15 minutes from Love Field airport.

We want to make sure that our patients are protected as well as make the entire process as convenient as possible.

What Happens During the Virtual Consultation?

The consultation itself is consistent with how we would see a prospective patient during a face-to-face visit. We will ask for accurate medical history and if you have or have had health issues in the past.

We will also ask if you have had prior surgeries along with any medications that you might be taking. Our goal is to establish an accurate medical history to help us determine if the procedure that you’re looking to get is right for you.

Once the medical evaluation is completed, we will then talk about your aesthetics and goals that you’re looking to accomplish with the procedure.

After evaluating your medical history, your expectations with regards to the surgery, and the photos we view during the virtual consultation, we’ll be able to advise you if you would be the right candidate for the procedure that you’re looking to get.

The photos that you provide us will help ensure we have the information that we need to perform the consultation.

How to Take Good Photos

Most modern-day smartphones have an internal camera that can take clear and sharp pictures. If you are using your cell phone, be sure to use the camera on the back of your phone, as most of them have a much higher resolution than the “selfie” camera on the front.

While you can send photos of someone else to show the results you’re looking for, we will require multiple images of the area of your body that you’d like to get work done.

It’s ideal to have someone take the photos for you. In this case, make sure that the background is plain, such as a sheet or white wall. This helps keep the focus on your body. If you can’t get someone to take the photos, you can go in front of the mirror in your bathroom and use the reflection.

Rhinoplasty – If you’re looking to get rhinoplasty or other facial procedure performed, your photo should show your entire face down to your collar bone. Don’t smile—try to be as relaxed as possible and have a neutral look on your face. Take multiple photos from different angles, including several from a straight-on perspective. Review each photo to ensure that it’s clear and not blurry.

Breast Augmentation – If you’re considering breast augmentation, the photo should clearly show the area from right below your neck to above the belly button. Try to keep your arms to the side and relaxed. Do not raise your arms as this will cause your breasts to lift.

Try to take as many photos as you can, from multiple angles. Do not wear a bra or undergarment as we will need to see the shape of your breasts so that we can make an accurate diagnostic.

Other Plastic Surgeries – If you’re considering other forms of plastic surgery, such as liposuction or abdominoplasty, your photos should clearly show the area of treatment. Do not wear any clothes or undergarments that can obstruct the view. When taking pictures, be sure to relax your body and hold as natural of a pose as you can.

Do not try to “suck in” your stomach or tense up your muscles. We need to see your body in its natural state to help ensure a successful consultation. Keep in mind that it will be beneficial to us if you can provide as many photos from as many different angles as you can.

Virtual Consultation vs. Office Visit

The most significant difference between a virtual and in-person office visit is that it’s much easier for the plastic surgeon to make an accurate assessment when seeing a patient in real life.

The benefit of going the virtual route is to avoid any possible waiting times for an in-person consultation once the COVID-19 pandemic is over and the plastic surgery offices experience a rush in business.

It should be noted that all virtual consultations are conditional and preliminary—the surgeon might modify his recommendation based on a traditional in-person consultation. This is for the benefit and safety of the patient.

Virtual Plastic Surgery Consultations in Dallas

It’s impossible to tell how long it will be before the Coronavirus pandemic eases up, and life returns back to normal. If you’re considering plastic surgery, we encourage you to take advantage of our virtual consultations, which will provide you with a wealth of information. We want to give you the utmost in care, comfort, and confidence so that you can make an informed decision.

If you’re ready to schedule a consultation, give us a call at (214) 965-9885 or set up an appointment online. Dr. Adams is one of the leading Board-certified plastic surgeons in America and is here to help you look your very best!


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