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​Plastic Surgery for Men on the Rise

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Let’s face it. Guys want to look great too. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, men made up 13% of all invasive cosmetic procedures in 2017. That may pale in comparison to women going under-the-knife, but men are finally coming out of the woodwork admitting their desires to take their bodies to the next level.

And why not? As both invasive and non-invasive cosmetic surgeries become more mainstream for women, shouldn’t it for guys as well? Thanks to the rise of social media and reality television allowing for a more intimate peek into the lives of others, we’re learning that good looks, and the confidence that goes with them, often don’t come naturally.

It’s also showing us that cosmetic surgeries are no longer just for the rich and famous. As we learn more about the procedures now available, from simple botox injections to complex facelifts, people are discovering that looking great is possible for all income levels and lifestyles.

Why Are More Men Getting Cosmetic Surgery?

For years, there has been a cultural stigma attached to males undergoing plastic surgery more so than females. Caring significantly about outer appearances has traditionally been considered a feminine trait. Many men feared they would come off as less masculine if they fretted about fine lines or looked to a surgeon to help them lose that pooch.

Thankfully, as times change, so do former faux-pas. More men are speaking out about their decision to go under-the-knife and are becoming more comfortable with their desire to enhance their appearance.

Still, one gripe among men interested in plastic surgery is how female oriented the industry is. They are simply turned off by the plethora of pink walls, soft music, or before and after pictures only featuring women. Even if the stigma is lessening, it still definitely exists.

To counteract this stigma, more cosmetic surgeons are jumping on the bandwagon by specifically advertising to guys. Some practices even now cater exclusively to men. Instead of pastel-colored walls and smooth jazz, these offices look more like cigar lounges or sports bars. Gone is also the fear of having to explain your desired procedure to a female receptionist, or the cute woman sitting next to you in the waiting room.

The Most Common Cosmetic Surgeries for Men

So, now that more men are undergoing plastic surgery, which procedures are they choosing? For the most part, many of the same ones that women do—aside from the obvious exceptions. Currently, the five common cosmetic procedures for men are:

  • Botox—or “brotox” if you will—has absolutely taken over the market since its introduction. Since 2010, there has been a 27% jump in men choosing to get these injectable fillers. Minimally invasive with no downtime, it’s by far the most requested cosmetic procedure in the country with 1,548,236 injections performed in 2017 alone.
  • Liposuction is the most common invasive cosmetic surgery for men in the U.S. with 31,021 procedures performed in 2017. As we age, sometimes even the best diet and exercise regimes can’t get rid of some of that stubborn fat. Or hey, maybe it’s just time to treat yourself and get that beach body back.
  • Eyelid Surgery, technically called a blepharoplasty, is the second most common invasive procedure for men after liposuction. This delicate operation can take years off patients by eliminating excess drooping skin around the eyes. Goodbye crow’s feet and baggy eyes!
  • Male Breast Reduction for the treatment of gynecomastia or excessive breast tissue is a very popular male-specific cosmetic procedure. Many men simply feel emasculated by having larger breasts. This surgery is a wonderful option for men wanting to take control of their life and regain their confidence.
  • Tummy Tuck—Because sometimes a little lipo simply won’t cut it. If you notice yourself solemn staring at your FUPA (front upper pelvic area) every morning wishing for your formally flat stomach, this might be the right procedure for you. Over 8,500 men underwent a tummy tuck in 2017 proving that not only ladies dream of that perfectly flat belly.

What Men Should Look For When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon?

First off, make sure you inquire with potential surgeons about their experience working with men. Also ask to view before and after pictures of previous male patients undergoing the same treatment you’re interested in. Techniques needed to create incredible results can vary greatly between genders.

For example, an ideal rhinoplasty for a woman is vastly different than a man’s. A surgeon may be a genius when it comes to making a perfect female button nose, but can they translate their skills when it comes to creating your ideal masculine nose?

In addition, experience is everything when it comes to choosing the right plastic surgeon. Find a surgeon that has many years of experience performing the specific procedure you want. Also ensure they are fully certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Your surgeon should also be open to answer any and all questions thoroughly and transparently.

There’s no shame in embracing those Dad Bod curves, but there’s also no shame in wanting to look incredible—no matter your age or gender. If you’re ready for your outside to match how you feel inside, trust William P. Adams Jr. MD. With over 20 years practicing cosmetic surgery, Dr. Adams is committed to making his patients look and feel better than ever. Contact us online or call 214-965-9885 to schedule a consultation or get more information.


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