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Plastic Surgery During COVID-19 Pandemic

plastic surgery covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many of us live our lives. It’s led to a temporary total shutdown of our country, save for all but the most essential of businesses.

The world of plastic surgery has been affected as well. While the offices are still open for patients that require immediate follow-up care, they’re closed for non-necessary, non-emergency, and non-elective surgeries.

So let’s take a look at what the world of plastic surgery is doing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual Consultations

If you’ve been thinking about getting plastic surgery and are ready to take the next step with a consultation, you can do so right now via virtual consultation. You’ll first need to visit the virtual consultation page and fill out your information along with the procedure that you’re interested in.

Then, you’ll need to take and upload photos of the area of your body that you would like to get work done. For example, if you’re interested in breast augmentation, it’s suggested that you take the following photos:

  • Breast width measurement (with a clear picture of a ruler being held in front of your breasts so that the doctor can easily read the numbers).
  • Front view
  • ¾ view
  • Left side view
  • Right Side view

Once you’ve filled out your info and uploaded the photos, our office coordinator will reach out to coordinate a time and date for the virtual consultation.

When it comes time for your virtual online appointment, the doctor will call you to discuss your needs in regard to plastic surgery, as well as ask you a variety of questions to ensure that plastic surgery is right for you.

During this call, please make sure you disclose any medications or health conditions that you may have and ask as many questions as you can. This will help the doctor when it comes time to visit the office for the follow-up appointment.

Office Visits

For those patients who are currently undergoing immediate follow-up care, you will need to physically enter into the plastic surgery office for an in-person consultation with the surgeon.

To ensure the health and safety of the office staff, doctors, and yourself, our office is following CDC guidelines. This includes cleaning and sanitizing the offices more regularly and vigorously.

When you walk into the office for follow-up care, a social distancing policy will be maintained. If you don’t feel well, have a cough, or have someone who lives under your roof who isn’t feeling well, you will be asked not to come in and instead stay home.

The coronavirus has a long incubation period, and can be asymptomatic as well, so people could be carrying it without realizing it. While these measures may seem a bit extreme, the health and safety of both the office staff and patients come first.

Official Guidance

The American Board of Plastic Surgery is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and has provided guidelines that plastic surgery offices should follow. These include:

Breast reconstruction

Non-emergent, elective medical services, and treatment

The COVID-19 situation is requiring plastic surgeons to closely monitor the CDC and various medical board guidelines. What this means for the world of plastic surgery is that surgeons and their offices will have to react to any new changes and institute new policies to help ensure the health and safety of both staff and patients.

Plastic Surgeons

Many states in the U.S. are experiencing a severe shortage of doctors who can help out with the extreme number of patients that hospitals are seeing during this pandemic. Some states are now asking retired doctors to volunteer to help out. Others are asking plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and even dentists to work on the front lines providing care and helping reduce the burden on hospital doctors.

Many states are now loosening their licensing rules, which will allow any type of licensed doctor to help out. However, doctors cannot just show up at a hospital and request they be put to work. Before they’re allowed in, the hospitals and health systems will first verify their credentials, including medical license and education.

This can take up to several weeks. To speed up the process, the Federation of State Medical Boards has given healthcare providers free access to their physician database. This way, hospitals, and medical clinics can quickly verify where the doctor went to medical school, what licenses they hold, and whether or not they have been disciplined. This helps ensure that only top-quality licensed doctors are allowed to help out.

Virtual Plastic Surgeon Consultations

Plastic surgery is intended to help you look and feel your very best. However, plastic surgeons have taken an oath to “do no harm,” and this means that they will have to make any adjustments as they see necessary to help ensure the health and safety of both office staff and patients.

With swimsuit season right around the corner, many people are now considering plastic or non-invasive surgery. While your looks are important, your health is even more critical. Once the COVID-19 situation is resolved, and the CDC gives the “all clear,” you’ll have the opportunity to schedule an in-person consultation with your plastic surgeon to move forward with your plans.

At the offices of Dr. Adams, you can now schedule a virtual consultation and a tentative date to come in for a second in-person consultation. At this point in time, there’s no telling when this situation will resolve, so we ask that all patients and prospective patients check the COVID-19 Office Updates page on our website. Dr. Adams and his staff will update this page accordingly with news and information.

If you have any questions about this process, or what we as an office are doing to ensure the safety of our staff and our patients, feel free to contact us or call our office.


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