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How to Fix Uneven Breasts

uneven breasts

One thing that a lot of women suffer from in terms of their body is uneven breast size. Uneven breasts can form at birth or can form over time as the body develops, but one thing that most women can agree on is that it’s an annoying trait to deal with.

Whether it’s a small discrepancy or a large one, having an asymmetrical chest can make a woman feel self-conscious while also making it difficult to find clothing that fits properly.

There are a variety of different solutions to help with uneven breasts which includes surgical procedures as well as padding and other textile-based solutions. Our goal is to make sure that every woman feels comfortable in their own body and feels good about themselves when they try on that dress or look in the mirror.

Even though, from the outside looking in, we may not notice the subtle differences in a person’s breast size, a woman notices every day and it can affect their mental health over time.

While there are many different options, in terms of clothing and supporting items, that can help a woman even out their breasts when wearing clothes, we want to focus on the different types of surgical procedures that can help permanently retain the symmetry of the chest.

Surgical Procedures for Uneven Breasts

When talking about correcting uneven breasts using surgery, there are two procedures that we typically recommend.

Breast Augmentation

One of the ways that we can help with uneven breasts is to perform a breast augmentation. When most people think of breast augmentation their minds immediately go to making the breasts larger, but that’s no the only thing the breast augmentation can do for you.

Yes, a breast augmentation will use an implant, but those implants don’t always have to be used to make your breasts larger, they can also be used to reshape. Reshaping a breast using breast augmentation surgery is a great way to even out the breasts and ensure that they remain symmetrical for years to come.

A breast augmentation to help correct uneven breasts will typically help add volume to the breasts themselves as well, but they don’t need to look unnatural or extremely large.

It’s important to discuss with your surgeon what you’re looking to achieve by undergoing this procedure as they will know the best solution for the problem.  

Breast Lift

If you’re looking to correct uneven breasts but you don’t want to go the implant route, you can opt for a breast lift.

While a breast lift is often thought of as a way to help reverse the effects of aging and gravity, they can also be used as way to lift and reshape breasts that are asymmetrical.

This is a great way to create a more symmetrical look without having to add an implant or make your breasts larger. A lot of women opt for this surgical method as they age since it can also offer a more youthful look.

Unfortunately, as you get older the elasticity of the skin deteriorates and gravity begins to cause the breasts to sag. This can also be exacerbated by having children or weight fluctuations. Because this is a very common issue for women, a breast lift is a great way to solve that and also bring a more symmetrical look to your chest.

What Procedure is Best for Your Uneven Breasts?

The best way to figure out which of these two surgical procedures is best for your specific issue is to talk with a certified plastic surgeon. Once you’ve expressed your concerns and what sort of results you’re looking for, they will be able to talk to you about the best solution.

At Dr. Adams Plastic Surgery in Dallas, TX, we have many years of experience in dealing with uneven breasts and how to correct them to get you looking and feeling as best as possible. We want all the women that come through our doors to leave knowing that they got the best care possible and with results they can be proud of.

If you would like to setup a consultation to discuss the options for creating more symmetrical breasts, please contact us today and we’d be happy to help you out!


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