About Revision Breast Augmentation

Before and after revision breast augmentation with breast implants in Dallas, Texas

Due to his expertise in breast surgery, Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adams has many patients who seek him out or are referred for correction of problems after breast implant surgery.

The Top 3  Breast Augmentation Revision Problems are:

  1. Capsular contracture
  2. Implant malposition (picture)
  3. Tissue stretch and breast sagging (ptosis)

The correction of breast implant problems can be difficult and patients should know that the rates of breast augmentation revision are  at least 5 times higher than primary surgery. That being said Dr. Adams has treated many different types of breast revision patients with  success.

The patient below has capsular contracture or hardening of the left breast.

Patient with breast implant capsualar contracture, before and after she received breast revision surgery

Dr. Adams has  been invited around the world to speak about capsular contracture – what causes it, how to  prevent it, and  how to treat it.  The  goal is to minimize the number of  surgeries any given patient has.

patient before and after breast augmentation revision

The patient above had  a  previous breast augmentation with saline implants, but now was having  sagging of her breast.  She  desired better shape and more perky breasts. During revision breast augmentation, Dr. Adams treated her with a gel implant exchange and a breast lift.

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Dr. Adams stresses the most important thing in breast revision is what the patient wants and to individualize the plan based on that information. To learn more about breast augmentation in Dallas, Texas, contact us today!


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