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Liposuction Dallas Texas

Information on liposuction in Dallas with plastic surgeon William Adams. Read about ultrasonic assisted lipoplasty, recovery time, lipo scars, cost and view before and after photos.  

liposuction before and after patientWhat is Ultrasonic Assisted lipoplasty?

Ultrasonic assisted lipoplasty (UAL) involves the application of ultrasonic energy to fat tissue which effectively liquefies the fat which in turn can be removed using a low vacuum suction. The process is similar in concept to lithotripsy, a procedure in which sound waves are used to break up kidney stones, allowing them to freely move through the urinary tract. In this same manner, ultrasound-assisted liposuction uses sound waves to liquefy fat with minimal damage to the surrounding cells. Through small incisions, a tube delivers sound waves to a specific area of fat, which has been injected with saline solution. The fat is removed with mild suction. UAL is a gentle technique, which allows a larger volume of fat to be removed, and the patient experiences minimal bruising, blood loss and swelling. For more information about having liposuction Dallas Texas contact us today.


patient before and after photoWhat does it accomplish?

UAL, like traditional liposuction is not a weight-reduction procedure. It is a contouring procedure to remove localized bulges or fat deposits that are non-responsive to diet and exercise.




before and after lipoplastyWhat happens during the first consultation?

Every patient is different and Dr. Adams prefers to individualize each one of his patients' care.  During the initial consultation, Dr. Adams will evaluate your general health and explain the surgical techniques most appropriate for you, based on the condition of your skin tone. You will learn about the procedure, the risks and complications and your recovery time. . 





You will have the opportunity to view pre and post-op pictures. Your discussion with Dr. Adams will cover all aspects of the surgery and you will discuss what are your expectations. Dr. Adams will be able to examine your body and then discuss the procedures that will be necessary to meet your expectations. You will have before pictures taken, which allows Dr. Adams to plan your surgery and also allows computer imaging to be done and viewed at a later appointment if desired . 


Dr Adams' assistant will give written pre and post op care and informed consent to review before signing and discuss your consultation appointment. She will also give you the total fees of the surgeon, anesthesia and operating room. For more information about having liposuction in Dallas Texas contact us today.



Dr. Adams is a firm believer of doing liposuction procedures in our outpatient surgery unit with one of our board certified anesthesiologists, since he feels it is safer and more comfortable for the patient, and allows him to give you the best possible result.

What can I expect after surgery?

Recovery time:

You will feel tired and sore for 3-7 days following your surgery. You may be expected to stay in the hospital over night and depending on the extent of surgery may need to stay two nights. You will wake up with foam dressings covered by compression garments that must not be removed for 2-3days following surgery. Then you may shower and replace compression garments that must be worn 2-3 weeks day/night and 2-3 weeks at night. The foam dressing will be removed at 4 days but you may have to wear longer if at your surgeon's request.

You will be able to return to work in approximately 7 to 10 days and can resume all exercise in 3 weeks. You must not do any aerobic workouts or increase your heart rate above 100 beats per minute for 3 weeks. Walking may begin the same day of surgery but the length of walking will depend on the extent of your surgery.

When are the sutures removed?

Sutures are dissolvable and do not need to be removed.


How many visits do I have after surgery?

You will return at about 5 days after surgery. Then you will return for a physician visit at 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and a year.

Am I a good candidate?

This will be determined at your first visit with Dr. Adams.  If you are within 15-20 pounds of your optimal body weight and in good health you could be considered a good candidate for this procedure.

What does the surgery cost?

You will be quoted a price to include the surgeon's, hospital, and anesthesia fee.

How do I pay for surgery?

The surgery costs are discussed with you following your visit with Dr. Adams. You will be given an estimate for the surgeon's, hospital, and anesthesia fees. For your convenience the fees will be paid in one sum  prior to your surgery, at least two weeks in advance. Checks, money orders, cash, and credit cards can be used for payment.  Financing is available.  A $500 deposit will reserve a specific time and date for your surgery.

Are there scars?

Yes. Whenever surgery is performed on your body a scar will result. The incisions are placed to make the scar the least noticeable and are usually 3-4mm in length. Your surgeon will discuss the placement of your incisions during your first visit.

Does it hurt?

(1) You will have plenty of pain medications for discomfort after surgery. Please tell us of all your drug allergies. Some pain medication may cause nausea this should not be considered an allergy. All pain medication will cause drowsiness and therefore you should not drive yourself and or operate equipment.

(2) An antibiotic is used for only a few days after your surgery.

(3) Sometimes following surgery to help decrease swelling your surgeon may prescribe Medrol dose-pack.

Will I be awake during surgery?

Your liposuction surgery is best done under general anesthesia for control of pain and nausea if they develop post surgery. You will be entirely asleep for the surgery.

Where is the surgery performed?

Your surgery is performed in a hospital surgery center. Depending on the extent of your surgery done you will be required to stay over night or go home.

Are medical photographs taken?

Photographs are taken after your first visit for Dr. Adams ,and then after your surgery at about 3 months. Medical photographs are essential to help Dr. Adams assess your fat deposits to assist in planning your surgery.

What medications should I avoid?

You should avoid or be off all diet or over the counter weight medications. The only homeopathic medications are those recommended by Dr. Adams.  It is especially important to be off St. John's Wort and Ginseng, which can cause adverse effects during anesthesia. Please stop taking all aspirin-like products, Advil, and ibuprofen as these medications can cause bleeding problems. Please tell Dr. Adams what medications you are on ( prescription or non-prescription) to ensure the safety of any surgery.



For further questions or to schedule a consultation call 214-965-9885 or email Dr. Adams.                 


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