24 hour Recovery
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"A  re-defined  patient experience is now  possible in   breast augmentation including  24 hour  recovery."

William P. Adams Jr. MD   

Selecting a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation involves many factors including recovery following the procedure.  Dr. Adams believes the recovery post-surgery is one of the most important factors correlating to the quality of  the procedure.  Dr. Adams has given  presentations on the  national  level on this topic as well.

Post-operative pain can be a major factor for patients undergoing breast augmentation.  Dr. Adams has implemented several specific techniques (originally published by Dr. Adams' mentor - Dr. Tebbetts) that minimize tissue trauma to minimize postoperative pain and recovery, a major advantage to his patients undergoing this procedure.

See what our patients say (video included)  about our philosophy and  breast augmentation procedure

These measures allow Dr. Adams' patients a very quick recovery from  breast augmentation with minimal post-operative pain.   Over 95% of Dr. Adams' patients return to normal activities of daily living within 24 hours after the surgery.  You will be encouraged to use your hands and arms normally including washing and styling your hair and raising your arms over your head the same day of the procedure.

Dr. Adams has found the specific surgical techniques allowing this rapid recovery as the single biggest advance in the procedure and a major benefit to his breast augmentation patients. Patient references may be given to you during your consultation if desired.


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Facts about Breast Augmentation

Thinking About Having Breast Enlargement?


Things You Should Know…
 1. Reoperation Rate-
 The NATIONAL Reoperation Rate in just  3 years after undergoing breast augmentation is a startling 15-23%. That’s nearly 1 in 4 having a second surgical procedure with additional expense, downtime, etc.
 Dr. Adams' published reoperation rate  is 3%.
 2. Recovery after Breast Enlargement-
 Typically recovery after breast augmentation involves several days of downtime. This includes time off work with lost income, inability to drive for 7-14 days, days of taking prescription narcotics, inability to care for children, etc.
 Dr.Adams’ patients undergo a Rapid Recovery after breast enlargement, going shopping and out to eat the day of surgery, take only Motrin, and back to normal activities and work IMMEDIATELY.
  3. Experience-
 Not all Plastic Surgeons have the same expertise with Breast Augmentation.
 Dr. Adams has over 15 YEARS experience and is a recognized National Expert in Breast Augmentation. He has published and presented more on breast augmentation in the past 5 years than arguably anyone else in the world.  He has  develop educational curriculum for surgeons across the world to  learn how to do better breast augmentation  surgery. 
 4. Results-
 As with most things in life, in the case of Breast Enlargement Surgery, you typically get what you pay for. Be wary of special deals and discounts – the MOST QUALIFIED SURGEONS don’t need to lure patients in with low cost offers. Breast Augmentation isn’t cheap, BUT you are changing your breasts, your body for the rest of your life. Every week Adams sees unfortunate patients who had discounted or low cost Breast Enlargement – only to have problems requiring additional surgery or sometimes multiple surgeries with significant added expense. What seemed like a “Good Deal” has become an expensive nightmare.
 Don’t trust your results in Breast Augmentation with just anyone.


For further questions or to schedule a consultation call 214-965-9885 or email Dr. Adams.   Dallas plastic surgeon offers plastic surgery procedures - forehead lift, browlift, breast augmentation using saline breast implants, silicone breast implants, cohesive gel breast implants,  Gummy-bear breast implants,  liposuction, rhinoplasty and more to Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, Houston and surrounding areas.                     


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