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Plastic Surgery in Dallas, Texas

william adams jr logoWilliam Adams is board certified in plastic surgery. Information on breast implants, liposuction, rhinoplasty, facelifts and other cosmetic surgery procedures.                                                      




Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

William P Adams Jr MD is an international expert on breast augmentation/ enlargement, breast  implants including  cohesive gel implants and  body contouring procedures.  He  has developed new techniques for use in clinical breast implant surgery that has made breast augmentation/ enlargement and breast reconstruction safer for  patients.


He  also  is active in  educating  plastic  surgeons around the  country on  the  new  level of  breast  enlargement  currently possible including a re-defined  patient experience and  24 hour  recovery.


Learn more about  board certified plastic surgeon William  P. Adams Jr. and  his credentials.















Breast Augmentation Silicone Gel




Featured Video - "Live" Breast Augmentation Documentary


Ask Dr. Adams about new techniques to make  Breast Augmentation even easier for patients.    Interested patients should email or  call 214-965-9885.


Dr. Adams featured:

See "Live"  Breast Augmentation Experience Watch the Documentary
Dr. Adams is one of test  sites worldwide for development of revolutionary new  Vectra 3D imaging technology from Canfield for breast augmentation patients.
breast augmentation publicationEnhancing Breast Augmentation Outcomes:The Process of Breast Augmentation  See Video
Channel 5 Covers Dr. Adams new Breast Augmentation technique


breast augmentation a safer choice

"Dr. Adams' new techniques making  breast augmentation safer and  better for  patients  featured on  Channel 8 WFAA  See Video


The future of breast implants......a new era in breast augmentation that results in fewer complications and we fully expect our patients to be out eating dinner the night of surgery and back to normal activities with  a day."Full Story


Call for  Breast Augmentation Patients

William P. Adams, Jr. MD

For further questions or to schedule a consultation call 214-965-9885 or email Dr. Adams.   Board certified plastic surgeon offers plastic surgery procedures - forehead lift, browlift, breast augmentation using saline breast implants, silicone breast implants, cohesive gel breast implants, Gummy-bear breast implants,  liposuction, rhinoplasty and more. 



William Adams is a featured plastic surgeon on Lookingyourbest.com and The Plastic Surgery Channel.

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