Rhinoplasty – Should You Try to Copy A Celebrity Nose?

celebrity rhinoplasty

When considering a rhinoplasty (commonly known as a nose job) a lot of patients will start off by looking at examples of noses on other people. They will look at photos and videos of models and celebrities to help them decide what sort of nose they might want when compared to their current nose, but should you be doing this? Does it actually help the surgeon?

Managing expectations when it comes to plastic surgery is one of the most important things a surgeon can do. Understanding what the patient is looking for as the end result of a procedure combined with the years of real-world experience the surgeon has, will help everyone involved make a more informed decision in regards to the surgery.

A photo can be a good starting point, but it may not ultimately be the best choice for the patient, and in some cases it may not even be feasible from a surgical perspective.

Should I Bring Photo Examples of Noses I Like to My Consultation?


There is nothing wrong with bringing photo examples to show your surgeon when going for your consultation. In fact, a lot of doctors will encourage it, so they have some sort of visual idea of what you would like your final outcome to look like.

Keep in mind though, just because you bring in photo examples, doesn’t mean that you’re going to end up looking like the people in the photographs after the surgery is complete. A nose is just one aspect of your face, and while changing it can definitely change your overall appearance, what looks good on someone else’s face isn’t necessarily going to look good on your own.

Your doctor will be best suited to help you decide what sort of nose, or what sort of rhinoplasty, would compliment your face. Typically they have performed many of these types of surgeries and seen many different faces, which can help them determine what types of noses look good on what types of face.

For example, a person with a round face might not look great with a super thin nose, just as a person with a long, thinner, face, may not look the best with a wider flat nose. Keep that in mind when looking at photos of celebrities or other people that have the nose shape you want. You may not have the same overall facial structure, or cheek bone structure, as those people, which can lead to  a look you weren’t expecting.

Manage Your Expectations Properly

Bringing in photos of celebrity noses is a great way to give your surgeon a general idea of what you’re looking for, but it’s also very important to listen to your surgeon’s suggestions.

If your doctor looks through your examples and explains to you why a certain type of nose looks good on a certain person, but may not look good on your face, please take that into account. They have the experience and have seen different nose shapes on different faces and are knowledgeable about what would look good in different cases.

Managing your expectations and having a doctor that will tell you the truth, instead of just trying to sell you a procedure, is extremely important when it comes to your overall health and wellbeing.

Surgical procedures like a rhinoplasty, while fairly routine, are considered a major surgery. You don’t want to go into the procedure thinking you’re going to come out looking like Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts, only to be disappointed when you realize you’re not those people and you don’t have the same cheek bones, eyes, brow, or chin as them.

Just because you reshape your nose doesn’t mean that the rest of your face is going to look like your photo example. Of course there are always other surgical procedures you can have done in order to mimic those celebrities, but again, everyone is different and there’s a good chance you’re never going to end up looking exactly like the person you think you will.

Choosing the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Ensuring that you choose the right rhinoplasty surgeon is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to maintaining proper expectations of your surgery.

A good surgeon will be able to take your input and suggestions and deliver you a plan that will meet your needs and achieve the outcomes you are looking for, while making everything look as natural as possible.

A good surgeon will not try to force you into a procedure or a nose shape that they don’t feel would enhance your current features. They want to make sure that you come out of the procedure feeling proud and happy about your decision. They want to boost your self esteem in a way that other things in your life can’t.

Changing your appearance through surgery is a major commitment and your surgeon should understand that and be there to help you. If you’re unhappy with the way a surgeon is presenting themselves to you, it’s ok to seek a second opinion, but if you find that every surgeon you talk to is trying to talk you out of a certain nose shape on your face, then that should be an indicator that maybe it’s not the best idea to just have a random celebrities nose put onto your face.

Everyone’s faces are different whether you’re a celebrity or not. Knowing how to highlight your best features and be happy with your body is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. And if that means a little nip or tuck here and there, then so be it.

It’s always important to manage your expectations and understand that just because a surgeon can give you the same nose as your favorite celebrity, doesn’t mean that the nose is going to look just as good on you.

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