​Why Are My Breast Veins So Visible and How Can I Hide Them?

breast veins

Some women will start to notice blue veins appearing on their breasts at some point in their lives. This condition is not viewed as aesthetically pleasing, and they will make a beeline to their plastic surgeon’s office for a consultation.

The good news is that the appearance of blue breast veins is generally not considered to be a dangerous medical condition. They may not look very good, but they are entirely harmless. However, and in rare cases, visible breast veins could indicate cirrhosis of the liver, enlarged abdomen, and fluid accumulation in the abdomen.

Fortunately, it’s possible to get rid of, or at the very least cover up the veins that show through the breasts of some women. We’re going to look at what causes blue breast veins and what can be done to reduce their overall appearance.

What Causes Large Breast Veins?

There are a wide variety of factors that could cause blue breast veins to appear gradually. The two leading causes of blue breast veins are age and hormonal changes in the body, but there are many others:

Vigorous exercise – Regular and vigorous activity can cause the appearance of veins throughout the body. In women, it shows up prominently in the upper to middle breast area. Exercise increases blood flow throughout the body which in turn can cause veins to bulge outwards. You most often see this in the arms and legs of bodybuilders.

Genetics – If your mom and grandma had visible veins, there’s a good chance you might as well. Genetics can play a huge part in determining how, when, and where blue veins show up. Most often it’s a combination of age and genetics that results in the appearance of blue veins.

Pregnancy – Women who are currently or were recently pregnant often see blue veins appear as their breasts enlarge in preparation for breastfeeding the child. It’s advised that any corrective surgeries be postponed until after the baby has been born.

Large Breast Implants – Some women get breast implants that are extremely large, which stretch the chest cavity and pockets in an unnatural way that can cause the appearance of veins to form.

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How to Fix?

There are many options to choose from when trying to remove or reduce the appearance of veins.

Which option the surgeon decides will depend on the severity of the condition. Other factors could include your personal preference of therapy, availability, previous health history, and budget.

The two main therapies are laser treatments and sclerotherapy. Some doctors have found success using fat to cover up the appearance of the veins, although the degree of success would be based upon how big the veins area.

Lasers – If veins are below a certain size, a plastic surgeon can use lasers to shrink down the vessels. The veins will then fade and be reduced permanently. If the veins are above a certain size, then laser therapy probably won’t help out. It could take several appointments before satisfactory results are achieved.

Sclerotherapy – A needle containing a solution is injected into the vein. After a while, the vein will collapse and be absorbed into the body. Depending on the severity of the veins, one or more sessions may be required. There is no recovery time, and this procedure is considered to be safe, quick, and effective.

Fat & Fillers – Some plastic surgeons will use your body fat in an attempt to mask the veins. They will add fat or a filler around the affected areas to disguise the veins. As the old saying goes, Your Mileage May Vary with this procedure. Ask your surgeon if this is something they would recommend based on your particular case.

Au Natural – There are many websites and women’s magazines that tout “all natural” cures to the problem of blue breast veins. The reality is that none of them work very well. Or, if they do appear to work, it’s often on a case-by-case basis.

There are countless other “remedies” such as applying a fake tan to the breasts or adding Vitamin K moisturizer daily. While these can work in a limited scope, it’s going to be an ongoing maintenance battle to keep the veins hidden from view.

In some cases, a well-supported bra can help lessen the appearance of blue veins. Breasts that aren’t supported have increased blood flow due to gravitational pull. If the breasts are supported via a bra, blood flow will be regulated, and some unsightly breast veins could disappear on their own.

Only a qualified plastic surgeon can diagnose and offer a viable solution that will help remove or at the very least dramatically reduce the appearance of blue breast veins.

Blue Breast Vein Reduction in Dallas

If you have unsightly blue breast veins and would like to learn more about the various options available, give us a call at (214) 965-9885 or contact us via our website. Dr. Adams is a world-renowned plastic surgeon and can help you lessen the appearance of breast veins and give you the confidence to once again show off your beautiful cleavage.

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