​How to Sleep Correctly After a Breast Augmentation: On Your Side or Back?

breast augmentation sleeping

There are several reasons why women choose to enhance their breasts, and as doctors and surgeons continue to innovate, the procedures associated with breast augmentation get easier and safer. When it comes to women considering breast augmentation surgery, a common question that comes up is how long is the recovery process and what is the best way to ensure that I get enough sleep? Often times, you’ll hear about needing weeks in order to fully recover from the procedure, which can lead to having to take an extended period of time off of work, or putting their regular activity on hold while they heal. While it is very important to be careful after any surgical procedure, not everything has to change completely.

On Your Side or Back?

When it comes to breast augmentation recovery, many women show concern about whether their sleep schedule may be interrupted. Losing sleep throughout the night can be both uncomfortable and unhealthy, so it is most important to ensure that you can get a good night’s sleep. Some doctors recommend that you sleep only on your back for at least a few weeks following the initial surgery. This will allow time for the scar capsule to form around the implant and lower the risk of deformation that can be caused by sleeping on the implants. In Dr. Adams published studies patients were able to sleep in any position they liked from the day of surgery onward.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Many people find it most comfortable to sleep on their stomach, however you may find this to be the opposite after having breast augmentation surgery. As mentioned above, during the recovery process it is advised that you sleep on your back for as long as possible, but once your body has healed from the surgery, sleeping on your stomach poses no risks to the implants. You may find, however, that sleeping in this position is now more uncomfortable than it was before due to the changes that have been made to your body.

While it is best to trust the advice given to you by your doctor, sleeping on your side or stomach, after your body has healed, won’t affect the appearance of your implants anymore than it does to natural breasts. Keep in mind that the recovery period will vary between procedures, so you may need to be careful when you sleep for a few weeks.

Sleep Tips

Doctors typically recommend trying to lie on your back for as long as possible, suggesting the use of pillows to elevate your back to help the weight of your breasts. Lying on your side can be introduced as soon as trying to sleep flat or elevated starts to affect your sleeping patterns. It’s important you are getting the rest you need to heal and recover, so don’t lose sleep over your body positioning at night, be comfortable.

Although there are no specific rules on the exact sleeping method best for healing breasts after augmentation, there are a few tips on how to stay comfortable and keep from harming your implants.

The downtime designated for the recovery period after breast augmentation can be shortened using a technique that Dr. Adams has been perfecting over the years. Using special techniques and methods in his procedures that helps reduce tissue trauma, patients can quickly return to normal activities within 24-hours. If recovery after a breast augmentation procedure is a major concern of yours, this method can help lessening the struggle at nighttime and sleeping.

Dr. Adams and his professional team stay updated on their practices and continuously research and develop new techniques that cause less harm to the nerves and tissue, creating a quicker recovery. Other doctors are still using the same practices and methods that were implemented 30 years ago. With newer, efficient techniques, easy and extremely fast recovery is entirely possible! Learn more at Dr. Adam’s website.

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